Alice In Chains Reveal If They Hated Grunge Commercial Success


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell was asked about the Seattle Grunge scene in a new Vice interview. While many Grunge legends discuss how the Grunge explosion across the U.S. and record label interest scared them, Cantrell said he felt validation.

Vice asked, “Facelift came out before “grunge” was even a word… that was a strange time, because hair metal was still huge with bands like Poison, Warrant, and Extreme putting out their biggest records.”

Cantrell said, “What was happening in our hometown—it was already special to us and we could already feel the energy—and it was starting to kinda spill out across the country. You started to feel a buzz about it and it was like, ‘Shit, I think we might be doing the right thing here; this is kinda cool.’ Then the record companies came around and started getting interested and then we all started signing deals and putting records out. It was a really quick succession.”

Alice In Chains are set to release a new album later this summer. They recently released the first single and music video for “The One You Know.” They are currently touring Europe and will return to North America in a couple of months.