Alice In Chains Reveal If They’re Worse After Layne Staley


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently told 105.7 The Point radio station that with their album “Rainier Fog” the band are still at the top of their game, 17 years after Layne Staley’s death. A bold Dave Grohl and Layne Staley Rock and Roll Hall of Fame claim was recently revealed.

“I just think it’s really good work. We’re still working at our peak — we haven’t fallen off. I think people are responding to it really well. It’s always nice.”

“When we put something out, we’ve obviously put our stamp of approval on it, and it’s something that we love. We’re trying to make music that doesn’t exist. Like, if we weren’t in this band, that’s the record I would wanna hear; that’s what I always think. I try to make the record or write the music or be part of a band that I would wanna be in if I wasn’t already in it. [Laughs] So it’s kind of cool. I get to be in the band that I wanna be in, and make the music that I wanna make.”

Jerry Cantrell was driven to tears by a recent Layne Staley tribute. Cantrell recently wrote on social media, “Well it’s over now, yet I can see somehow… that this was one of the highlight tours of our career. Munky came out and played Them Bones with us and Korn joined us at the end of our set to commemorate our time together. Thanks also to Underoath, Fever 333 and Ho99o9, all the bands crews and especially ours. We depend on you all every day and you always step up and beyond the line night after night.

2 years of touring supporting Rainier Fog (a work We are extremely proud of) and another campaign around this ball with my cohorts Sean, Mike and William. It’s been a blast playing for all the fans that came out to support us everywhere we went. Seattle … we are coming home to finish this where we started it. See you on the 20th📷@inautonomy.”