Tool Member Suffers Horrible Injury After Fall


Tool drummer Danny Carey recently revealed that he suffered a brutal onstage fall when Tool kicked off their spring 2019 tour and that he hurt his back. A Tool member was recently ‘horrified’ by a Maynard James Keenan demand.

“Dude, on the tour we did, we did two weeks before we just went over to Europe for these five weeks. The second day of that tour, the stage was ten feet shallower and I was used to getting off my riser at intermission, and stepping over this bank of lights, and that was my little pathway to get offstage before we do our encore.

I stepped over those lights, six feet in the air, ate shit on solid concrete. My back, I’m still kind of in recovery man. I hit the ground so hard.”

Maynard James Keenan being disrespected after a Tool bandmate quit was recently revealed. Carey said he has never taken opioids for pain, but he said he is in significant pain.

Carey proclaimed, “I’ve never taken one, but I haven’t taken a hit like that since I was in school.”

He also discussed what he planned on doing that day, “I’ve got to get up and deal with my son.” He added, “Play with toys, wash his hair, send him on his way, then prepare to go to my trainer and do a leg workout, and legs are heavy. Legs are a hard day.”

“For males, I think our quads are our biggest muscle group. In women, I think it’s abs, so you’re in for pain.”

Tool recently released their new album Fear Inoculum, and it hit number 1 with one of the strongest first week sales in recent rock memory, beating out Taylor Swift for the top spot. Maynard James Keenan recently ripped a Tool boycott. Carey made the remarks to Joe Wong.