Alice In Chains Used To Attack Motley Crue On Show


Rage Against The Machine and Motley Crue are two bands that you would never even think to group together; let alone the same sentence, but here we are. There’s good reason for this, actually. You see – with the current temperature of Tommy Lee via ‘Pam And Tommy,’ we see a coming of era with the big boom of the Grunge movement. This movement saw hair metal begin to get squeezed out and eventually meet its mainstream demise in the late 1990’s.

Rage Against The Machine were grouped in with Grunge bands at that time. Here, we are set in the year 1996 via ‘Pam And Tommy’ the Hulu series. On the finale of Pam and Tommy, Motley Crue are shown performing at Tower Records in 1996 with Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and Rage Against The Machine posters around them. In this scene, fans are shown wearing Grunge era t-shirts which featured shirts that had artwork of Rage Against The Machine, Alice In Chains, and Soundgarden.

In the aforementioned scene, these fans show up looking at Motley Crue all while looking disgusted at Motley Crue’s performance. This was the final turning point of music and the nail in the coffin for hair metal at that time. The shift is seen so well and depicted extraordinarily in the show.

The one message that ‘Pam And Tommy’ takes home with it is how private lives can truly come to the surface to everyday people with ease and how not all media treats people who are so highly regarded fairly. There’s always going to be a narrative that must be made by any media outlets to create something that is bigger than life and will sell or get views. That’s what has happened here between the two icons of both music and Hollywood. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee tried to figure out how to properly hold down a relationship in public, but like many before and after them – it just didn’t work out.