Eddie Van Halen Made Michael Jackson ‘Young Boy’ Claim


Eddie Van Halen revealed that his son Wolfgang Van Halen wrote a song called “Dirty Cell” in a newly surfaced quote, and compared Wolfgang’s very early vocal performance as a young boy to when Michael Jackson was a young boy. Michael Jackson’s daughter made a sad Eddie Van Halen claim earlier this year.

Eddie said, via Forbes, “When I first heard him sing, it was like fifth grade for a science project, he came up with the craziest idea, he goes, ‘Hey dad…’

I think it was an N’Sync or New Kids On The Block song, he changed the lyrics, I went out and bought a karaoke track of it, and he and a buddy changed the lyrics and called it ‘Dirty Cell.’ I still have that recording, he sounds like a young Michael Jackson, and he blew my freaking mind how great his pitch was.”

A Van Halen member took a shot at Michael Jackson last year. Fans on VHLinks.com recently speculated about what will happen to Eddie Van Halen’s 5150 Studios following his death. GRCITY posted, “I haven’t seen anyone speculate what becomes of 5150 studio? I know Wolf mentioned on Howard’s interview he has his own studio. Do you think Wolf will still use 5150 to record? Just use it as an library or archive? Rent it out as a recording studio?”

Daisy Hill responded, “Wolf said he recorded a lot of his album at 5150 and the vocals for Distance at his home studio. I would imagine that the home and studio are important to Wolf, as his childhood home and a place where he and his dad spent so much time. I would also imagine that Eddie would want it passed on to his son. But presently it is Eddie’s wife’s long time home. Like any family, they are going to have a lot to go thru and settle.

I hope that Eddie had much better estate planning than Prince did. Prince died intestate which is unimaginably stupid when you have complicated assets like that. But Prince was unmarried and without living children and perhaps he didn’t care about materially things. But it does leave that family with a big issue to resolve.

I have a feeling that a lot of estate planning was done when Eddie was sick the first time and married to Valerie and that there was a pre nup update that takes care of Janie. That planning would just need updating periodically.”