Alter Bridge & Slash Have ‘5 Year Plan’


Myles Kennedy discussed the 5-year plan for Alter Bridge and Slash in a new Audio Ink Radio interview.

What made you want to put this solo record out now and not wait for live music to be back? Because artists are kind of going back and forth on whether to put new stuff out now or whether to wait.

“Well. I think a couple of reasons. No. 1, obviously, because I play in a few different projects, there’s always kind of a five-year plan, so you’re always looking ahead and seeing how it’s going to fit.

“If I were to wait and release this X amount of months later, or a year later, how’s that going to affect the other things I play with? So I had to keep that in mind.

“And the other thing, more importantly, the more I thought about it because a lot of these songs were inspired by the times we’re living in.

“I don’t have a crystal ball and I don’t know if I would wait and release this record in a year if these songs aren’t going to have the effect and aren’t going to resonate as much because that error has passed.

“So I felt like the shelf life could expire quicker with a record like this because a lot of the songs were inspired and influenced by the current state of things.

“And so I wanted to put that out for that reason. And also because, hopefully, we’ll bring a certain amount of solace if we’re still going through some difficulties, and some of these songs could make people feel better, then why not?

“Why sit on it? Why not try and put it out there if it’ll help somebody?” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his remarks.