Angus Young Reveals Disgusting AC/DC Secret


AC/DC guitarist Angus Young revealed that late bandmate Bon Scott had his nipples pierced in a new ‘Highway to Hell’ 40th anniversary celebration video uploaded to the band’s social media accounts. Alternative Nation transcribed the remarks. AC/DC revealed a sad rejection yesterday from a big name.

“Bon had been, I think one of his early jobs he had done was being a cray fisherman on boats, and this is where he got the tattoos. I think he was about 15 or 16 from what he said. One of his early shows he was running around in a kilt.

Funny enough, even carrying through to today’s times, I see a lot of people with the pins, the earrings, and the piercings. Yeah, he was doing that then. I remember he had his nipples pierced, he was thinking of getting whale bun through his nose.”

A music video teaser was released last week as part of the ‘Highway to Hell’ celebration. AC/DC have been rumored to tour and release a new album next year with Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams returning to the band, reuniting the surviving members of the ‘Back in Black’ lineup.

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose took the reigns for Johnson in 2016 after he had hearing issues, with Rudd having departed in 2014 after legal issues and Williams retiring at the end of the 2016 tour. Johnson, Rudd, and Williams were photographed in the studio with AC/DC in Vancouver last year. A current AC/DC member revealed when he will be ready to quit the music business last week.