AC/DC Singer Savagely Rejected By Big Name


AC/DC have revealed a photo of the ‘Highway to Hell’ album cover rejected by their American record label. The album was the band’s final release to feature Bon Scott. AC/DC released a teaser music video a few days ago.

AC/DC wrote on Instagram, “The original ‘Highway To Hell’ cover was “shot down in flames” by the American record company… ⚡️⚡️⚡️🔥🔥🔥”

An AC/DC Las Vegas residency was recently suggested by fans on the forums. Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams are rumored to return for an AC/DC tour. Angus1878 posted, “I don’t know how the ‘politics’ works with this type of gig/tour !

With their now, what I call, ‘DC COMIC’ phase of their career..(monopoly boards,wine bottles, film soundtrack music etc etc)

But if AC/DC were still all together (typical line up..including a well and fit Mal)…would they be now the type of band to set up a 6 month stint in the MGM Grand for example in Vegas…or would they still shun such gliteratae?”

NitroAngus23 responded, “The only way this would be worth while/cool is if they dug deep and played a variety of songs from all eras.

If they used the same stale setlist again, it would more or less be pointless for them.

That being said,if they did with tons of killer deep cuts…count me in.

Not likely though.”

An AC/DC member revealed how his friends use drugs in a new interview. RickShaw1 chimed in on the Vegas topic, “If touring is so difficult at this age they most definitely should do a Vegas stint. The fans will come and they won’t have all the wear and tear. I’d love it! Plus it’s Vegas so it’s a win-win-win and some losses!!!”