Angus Young Takes Brutal Shot At Fired AC/DC Member


AC/DC guitarist Angus Young took a brutal shot at former bassist Mark Evans in a recently unearthed Classic Rock Magazine interview, where he discussed Evans’ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame snub. Brian Johnson revealed a big name getting a massive paycheck after a lawsuit yesterday.

“I don’t see what all that shit was about. People say he was our original bassist. No he f**king wasn’t. The first guy we had was called Rob Bailey. Some nights Mal even played bass.”

Angus also discussed his onstage outfit, “The gimmick’s always been me out there in the schoolboy suit, so people’d remember. Club owners in America might not have recalled the band, but they’d never go forgetting the little kid in the shorts and satchel – the one who behaved like a lunatic.”

He said about writing new material, “Believe you me, the good ones will stand out. Me an’ him bounce things off each other once we’ve got a whole pile of ideas. Sometimes we have thousands of ideas – just a guitar riff or something – but the gems shine out. You don’t always use ’em right away, either.”

Angus Young ‘shelving’ a major AC/DC announcement was revealed last week. AC/DC fans recently discussed if the band should retire on, especially if Brian Johnson doesn’t actually return on tour. MeanStreak posted, “The guys in the band (whoever they are) and especially Angus know what their limits and abilities are and if it is time to continue or shelve it. If there is a decision to continue, I will stand behind them 100 percent. If they decide to call it quits I will respect that decision.”

900 said, “More gigs, definitely. But I’d actually prefer them to get back in the studio and finish what they worked on, improve it, add to it, make newer stuff etc. I probably won’t get to see them again live but I’ll be playing their records until I pop off.”

Spellbound chimed in, “More gigs. I don’t like how Chris plays, but he does the job, and the best night of my life was seeing them in LA. Life’s too short to truly get worked up over trivial shit like that. All you miserable fuckers who want them to call it a day because of MUH PHIL can fuck off and be miserable somewhere else. Now, if we’re talking them playing gigs with Rock n Roll Thunder in the set…” An AC/DC member discussed fans throwing bottles at him a few days ago.