Howard Stern Reveals ‘Small Crowd’ At Guns N’ Roses Show


Howard Stern looked back at a Guns N’ Roses show that Axl Rose, Slash, and company played for his radio station on his show. Slash discussed watching a big name actress abuse heroin in a film a few days ago. recapped: Howard said they did air the concert on Howard 101. He said it was a great night. He said they did all their hits. Howard said this concert was last Thursday and it was at the Apollo and it only holds 1500 people. Howard said Axl didn’t say much about it. He said there were some celebrities there like Sophia Vergara, Jason Biggs, John McEnroe, and others. Howard said they got on stage on time which is unusual for the band. Howard said Axl went right from his limo to the stage.

Howard said they opened up with ‘It’s So Easy.’ Howard played some of that performance. Howard said the band was so forceful that the whole place was shaking. He said Richard was scared from the shaking.

A Guns N’ Roses icon called out Eddie Van Halen disrespect a few days ago. Howard said they did ”Night Train” so he played some of that. Howard said they did all of their good ones. Howard said he loves that. Robin said she thinks they have to sprinkle in some of their other stuff. Howard said he doesn’t.

Howard also recently discussed John Lennon. After the break they played John Lennon’s ”Gimme Some Truth” as they were coming back. Howard came back and said this song is more relevant today than ever. He said all he wants is the truth.

Howard said Bill O’Reilly keeps insisting he knew him at Boston University. He said he can count on one hand who knew him there. He said he didn’t know Bill. He said he keeps talking about him knowing him. He said Bill is older than him so he’s not sure if he was even there. Howard said when he was at Boston University he was lost and he had a friend named Dr. Lou and he can probably name 3 guys who wanted to hang around with him. He said he had a friend named Bob Petrick. He said no one wanted to know him. Howard Stern made a bold Red Hot Chili Peppers teen claim on his show earlier this week.