Anthony Kiedis ‘Replaced’ As Red Hot Chili Peppers Singer


Anthony Kiedis being replaced as Red Hot Chili Peppers singer by Ron Young in the mid-80’s was revealed in a new Appetite for Distortion interview. Alternative Nation transcribed Young’s comments. Anthony Kiedis ‘looks like a beautiful woman’ in a newly leaked photo.

“They were trying to break the band, trying to get things going. Anthony was becoming a personal mess with heroin and stuff. They were really frustrated with him. I will preface it with saying Anthony and Flea are brothers. They grew up together, they’re incredibly close and tight, and Flea was incredibly frustrated both for the toll it was taking on their music and him personally. So the band decided to switch singers.

One of the things Flea wanted to do was get more of a traditional singer, where Anthony is a more of a rapper personality, lots of delivery, but not really from a classical sense, a melody singing kind of guy. So if he was going to switch gears, he wanted somebody that had a little bit more of a traditional voice so they could do more melodic stuff and expand their repertoire. So I went down, auditioned, everybody dug it.

They gave me a whole batch of songs, and that whole Uplift Mofo Party Plan record, I wrote melodies and lyrics over every one of those songs. We were just about to go into the studio with Michael Beinhorn at Capital, we were rehearsing at Capital and doing preproduction.”

Young said Anthony Kiedis then cleaned up his act and was rehired as lead singer of RHCP. A new Red Hot Chili Peppers and John Frusciante song recently leaked.

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