Howard Stern Reveals If He ‘Turned Down’ Pearl Jam


Howard Stern played the Pearl Jam classic “Better Man” on his show earlier this week and praised the band as ‘so good.’ Pearl Jam’s rumored fall 2020 North American tour dates were just revealed.

Stern announced that the band are playing a show for SiriusXM at the Apollo Theater next month in New York, alongside their Madison Square Garden show. Baba Booey said it is a ‘listener appreciation’ show for fans, and that it’s on a Thursday so Howard may be able to make the show, as he only does shows from Monday to Wednesday, though Howard has no showed many SiriusXM concerts in the past like Guns N’ Roses’ a few years ago, but this may be an invitation he will not reject.

John King reviewed the new Pearl Jam song “Super Blood Wolf Moon” on YouTube, “These guys don’t owe us anything, and I’m happy for new music whenever they want to get around to it. 1st, LOVE the McCready frenetic and self-deconstructing solo going into the previously teased riff of 2:52, I feel like he’s retraining the listeners in a course of how to play like Mike.

The 2nd track on many previous albums for most of their career has been similarly uptempo, and that energy carries on or shifts gears. Knowing that DotC is next, a song I love, I can see the build up coming. I’m really curious how the first track might set up a later deeper vibe, and how the 4th will propel it into the heart of the album.

Honestly love the 2nd half of this SBWM song, but the 1st half is just kinda okay imo. There have been some great to phenomenal 2nd tracks over the years, while some are more average. I think on initial listening, this overall is more average, but hopefully just a brief gearshift towards a ferocious middle and jammy contemplative backside of what is allegedly the longest Pearl Jam album to date.

After hearing 2 songs on Gigaton, I’m still anticipating a great showing, and betting on some real McCready magic, while the rest of the band is definitely sounding entirely more rejuvenated. I’m going to initially play Gigaton front-to-back relentlessly as always with other PJ albums, and if it flows well, I’ll listen many more times until I can honestly say I do or don’t feel it. I played Yield everyday in 1998 for at least a year-and-a-half before taking some brief (like a week) time away.

If this becomes half as good as Yield, then I’m going to be really happy, and if not, I’m still stoked these guys are making music and will probably rock the new stuff for a few months. They can walk away whenever and have done more for the fans and music than we ever expected or deserved.” Neil Young recently made a ‘sick’ Pearl Jam claim.