Arcade Fire Drop Pearl Jam Tour Bombshell


Arcade Fire played a surprise set at this year’s 2022 Coachella Music Festival. The popular modern rock group would play Friday, April 15th as the festival itself was held from the 15th to Sunday, April 24th at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. The group and frontman Win Butler would play several previews from their upcoming studio album, ‘WE’ which is set to be released on May 6th. In addition, Butler would also shoutout acclaimed 90’s grunge legends Pearl Jam by giving a history lesson on Coachella.

During their set Butler would talk about music promoter Paul Tollett. who originally founded Goldenvoice, which was the company that help set up the now-infamous concert in 1993 held in Indio by Pearl jam. For those unaware, this is the show where the crowd was throwing shoes at the stage when Eleven was opening up. Butler would explain how Coachella has it roots in the now-infamous public feud between Ticketmaster and Pearl Jam.

Butler would state: “Here’s a little history lesson about Coachella. So he used to book Black Flag and there is a band called Pearl Jam, they were like ‘Black Flag is the most rad band ever’, and that guy can book our shows.’ At one point Pearl Jam was like, ‘F*** Ticketmaster, we aren’t going to be playing any events with Ticketmaster. So the only place they could play in L.A. was this s*** and it had to be this far away because Ticketmaster said: ‘f*** you, you’re not playing in L.A.’ So that’s where Coachella came from so thank you to Pearl Jam and thank you to Paul Tollett.

Fans simply cannot get enough of the new Eddie Vedder solo album, ‘Earthling’ which came out earlier this year. One amateur reviewer would proclaim the following: “This album is just great so felt compelled to do it. Love Pearl Jam since I had Ten on cassette as a twelve-year-old. Have all their albums & all of Eddie’s & this album has been in my car on constant rotation for weeks. I just love it. I even love it more than Gigaton. Eddie gets to just break free & every song on it is different each in its own unique awesome way. If you’re an Eddie or PJ fan why are you even reading this, you should’ve bought this when it came out. Trust me you won’t be disappointed