The Killers Suffer Sad Emergency On Plane


The Killers are currently staples on the music festival scene promoting their 2021 album ‘Pressure Machine’. The group are touring internationally and were scheduled to perform this week in Stockholm, Sweden at Lollapalooza Stockholm. Pressure Machine features the return of guitarist Dave Keuning to the studio with the band, after his absence on the previous album Imploding the Mirage, while bassist Mark Stoermer was absent due to difficulties caused by the worldwide pandemic during recording. It should also be noted that The Killers are indeed working on a new album. Back in 2019, frontman Brandon Flowers would align with Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan to perform this all-time classic.

On the social media fan page via Facebook called: “The Victims: The Killers’ Biggest and Most Dedicated Fans” it was posted that the group is currently stuck en route to that particular festival and being held up over in France. This is being blamed on a mechanical issue from the plane that was carrying the band. Of course, it should go without saying that the band is currently physically safe and that this is just an issue of transportation. However, it is unclear and rather unlikely that Brandon Flowers and the company will be able to make it to Stockholm in time for this performance. The band would write a statement that would be shared on Lollapalooza’s official Instagram. For privacy reasons, that version can be seen below, along with the full text.

[Dear] Stockholm Friends and Family,
We are stuck in France unexpectedly with a mechanical problem on the airplane. We’ve exhausted every available option to get over to you {and still trying} but nothing is working. Truly out of control. We are terribly sorry to have this situation and not be able to play for you tonight but we will make it up to you.
Yours in music,
Ronnie, Dave, and Brandon