Axl Rose Bad Accident At Guns N’ Roses Show Revealed


Axl Rose apologized to Guns N’ Roses fans at a concert on Wednesday in Charlotte when the black carpeting onstage fell into the pit. Roadies fixed the problem, and Rose told fans, “Hope you forgive us a little. First night. Trying to iron out some bugs, and got more bugs than a mattress in a Times Square hotel.” Axl Rose has ‘six months’ before finishing a major project.

kiwiguns posted about Saturday’s Louder Than Life festival performance on, “My Review: Its not the first time I have attended an American music festival, but times have changed since 1996 Rockford, Illinois and Lollapalooza. This festival, like most today, attracts a wide range of people and that’s understandable given the diversity of artists appearing. The only issue I have is a curtain majority only attended for the sake of attending with no real purpose. You can identify these people easily and often, these are the people who complain after the fact on social media or leave the event early.

I still don’t understand why you would pay money to attend and leave early because of the fact you don’t like the artist or the way they sound. I can completely understand leaving early due to transport, family or work commitments.

The band: I always go into each Guns N Roses live show open mind, and excited about the experience of seeing my favourite band live. When Duff plays the opening bass riff to ISE, the tension and excitement in your gut releases and very quickly you end up being pulled into the world of GNR. (Ozzy Osbourne recently made a sad Slash revelation)

First thing you notice, being close to the stage is how relaxed and comfortable everyone is on stage together. For me, it’s the things that go largely unnoticed. At one point Axl was taking into his mic off PA, to the other members via their inears. It must have been amusing as all the band members had a smile or a laugh and even Slash glanced back and acknowledge what was said via a smile and a smirk.

The band sound tight and Axl moved through 1st to 6th gear after brownstone. It amazes me how the man can be that active on stage for 3 hours. The sweat was pouring of his forearms and soaking his teeshirts. Looking forward to seeing the band in Austin at ACL.

Also a big thanks to a random follow GNR fan, who helped me find one of my contact lenses. Cool to chat with someone about our favourite band while on hands and knees.” Axl Rose taking a nap at a Guns N’ Roses show was revealed by a big name recently.