AC/DC Icon ‘Banned’ From Performing With Angus Young


AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd’s ‘ban’ from touring with Angus Young and company in certain countries has supposedly been lifted, according to An AC/DC member being ‘rushed’ out of a club was revealed a few days ago.

BonneedsPenicillin posted, “Would they still be waiting to tour because of Phil’s legal problems? Or would all that be over now? Would he have to have a pardon to tour certain countries?” Starsky responded, “All bans were lifted sometime in 2018 I’m pretty certain.”

Briany reacted to theories that Angus Young being a perfectionist is delaying the new AC/DC album, “Evidently, the band’s most negative recording experiences were the ones where the process dragged on, notably on FTATR and Ballbreaker. The band seem fundamentally uncomfortable with a long recording process as they believe it kills the freshness of the material, and that by the time it is done, you’re hearing material that has been overworked and lacking in verve.

Cliff Williams talking about Ballbreaker: ‘Rick Rubin made us record every track about fifty times each to obtain the good dynamics and we kept those who got the best feelings. Sometimes, when we head the whole tracks, our opinion changed tota;ly. It was a bit disappointing and I thought we’d loose the sacred fire by playing all of those tracks again and again.’

Besides, perfectionism means nothing if the material isn’t there. You can’t take a song like GSRnRT and make it into a classic. At least not in short order. Making mediocre material into something better would take time. As pointed out, time the band probably wouldn’t fancy investing due to concerns over working the material to death.”