Red Hot Chili Peppers Icon Confirms Surprising Breakup


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea confirmed that he has been through a ‘painful’ breakup before meeting and marrying his new wife Melody Ehsani. He also told RNZ about how he quit drugs, and how it made him have to deal with emotions he had been suppressing. Red Hot Chili Peppers recently revealed how a member listened to Prince before dying.

“It was crucial that if I was going to develop as a person and age with any sort of gracefulness I needed to feel everything no matter how much it hurt, no matter how many sleepless panic-attack nights I had, I needed to feel it all and walk through to the other side of it.

“I made a pact with myself that, no matter what, I was not going to run away from my pain and I was going to feel it. I swore that to myself and that’s what I’ve done. I know that from consciously feeling the pain I’ve become a much better person.”

Flea said his new marriage shows his growth, after horrible breakups. He also discussed smoking LSD.

“I have this relationship that’s really fulfilling for me – a really deep, soulful connection. If I had not gone through all my missteps – relationships and breakups that were really painful for me… if I had of drank or done anything else to cover the pain up, I never would have put myself in a position to really be ready to have a conscious, truly connected relationship.

“It really gives me faith that good things come to those who wait.”

Flea’s former bandmate John Frusciante debuted a new haircut over the weekend. Flea recently released his book Acid for the Children, and fans are weighing in on Amazon. Dyomar said, “Flea writes about his childhood prior to RHCP’s formation. Some of these vignettes are moving, like his formative first encounters with live jazz music. Other stories, like his job as a yearbook photographer, are banal and forgettable. I wound up skimming through much of it.”

Bungalow360 wrote, “Flea has a way with words. I found the book to be raw and honest. LOVED IT ! I hope this is just the beginning of his literature career. WRITE on and ROCK on brother ! AND I wish I went to Fairfax High School.”

Andrea Hansen posted, “I could not put this book down. Flea is incredibly relatable and humble. I have been a RHCP fan since the early 90’s and they are still my all time favorite band. I really enjoyed learning about his childhood and how it influenced his magical and beautiful music. Such a kind and beautiful soul he is.”

You can read the full Flea interview at RNZ.