Axl Rose Hits Woman With Microphone In Video


Axl Rose is known for his antics. Not only has Axl jumped into crowds multiple times, but he has also jumped into crowds and beat up patrons in his past. People can change though, and seemingly,
Axl has as well. That is, until now.

At a recent show, Axl was finishing out the night with Guns N’ Roses when he would throw his microphone into the crowd. This seems harmless enough, but understand the weight of a microphone and then consider gravity. What goes up must come down, and come down it did onto a patrons face. Sadly, it did tons of damage to the fan’s face as well.

News covered this heavily and as of right now, there’s no word on if a lawsuit will be involved, but the video shows the damage. As the microphone came down, it hit the patron and blood began to pour everywhere. Another patron would then grab the microphone that Axl would throw and start jumping up and down while the other patron would be left bloody and bruised.

There has not been any statements from Axl or the band right now with the incident and we are unsure if anything will come out from such, but if anything does come out; we will ensure that it gets covered and that the news does get straight to you. For now, we wish the best to the fan and hope that everything gets better very soon.