Billy Corgan Worries Fans With Medical Treatment Photo


Billy Corgan was recently seen via social media at the hospital. Fans started to rush the comment section to see what was wrong with the famed vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist, but as of now, everything seems to be okay according to Corgan.

How did Corgan get here? Well, it’s hard to really say, but Corgan stated on Instagram that this was during the Smashing Pumpkins tour in early November. By the looks of it, it seems that dehydration could have played a huge factor in this. Regardless, Corgan seems to be doing much better now. In other Pumpkins news, we have James Iha to thank for the ‘That 90s Show’ opening theme song in which he did some music work for.

That ’90s Show will premiere January 19 on Netflix. Set in 1995, it stars returning actors Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp reprising their roles as Red and Kitty Forman, whose house is once again invaded by teenagers when their granddaughter Leia comes to visit.

The song, titled “In the Street,” was originally released by the band Big Star in 1972. It was adapted for That ’70s Show when the sitcom premiered in 1998; Cheap Trick’s version was used as the theme starting in the second season. The new song by James has been gaining a ton of traction by Pumpkins fans and the series also has been having the internet talking.

The show has many fans and on the other side, they have a lot of people who feel that the former of the show should not have been touched to create a spin-off. It’s tough to say in any direction, but we are excited to see what comes out of it.