Axl Rose Launches Dog Lives Matter Movement


Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose tweeted yesterday: “Dog’s Lives Matter: Fire, Arrest, Convict n’ Incarcerate NYPD Police Officer Ruben Cuesta.”

Earlier this year, NPYD police officer Ruben Cuesta shot a pit bull in New York. The New York Daily News reports that the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board has substantiated charges against a cop who shot and killed a beloved pit bull approaching him in a New York apartment building.

The New York Daily News stated, “In findings acquired by the Daily News, the CCRB said Police Officer Ruben Cuesta abused his authority when he pumped a bullet into the pit bull’s head. Cuesta and his partner were investigating a domestic violence call inside an apartment building on E. 183rd St. on Feb. 13 when he shot Yvonne Rosado’s 4-year-old pit bull Spike. A surveillance video The News obtained shows Cuesta backing away from Spike — then shooting the 70-pound pooch from a few feet away as he slowly approached, wagging his tail. Along with substantiating abuse of authority complaints, the CCRB recommended that Cuesta, who joined the NYPD in 2008, be retrained.”

You can watch the video on New York Daily News’ website. Axl Rose is calling for the firing, arrest, and convidction of Cuesta.