Motley Crue Family Makes Disgusting Teen Girl Claim


Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan Lee posted a funny video of a cat getting grossed out to represent how she felt when she was just a teen girl at the age of 17 and experienced romance for the first time. The cat was ’17-year old me’ and the pickle is ‘a d***.’ Tommy Lee reacted to a fan claiming his wife was his daughter yesterday.

Brittany wrote, “D*** is kinda like coffee: no one LOVES it the first time, it’s actually pretty f**king gross, but we just keep pretending to love it until one day we actually can’t live without it.”

ashiksagoddess commented, “I can definitely live without it. Probably because I love myself more than any man ever will and learned if you rely on yourself for all your needs, no one can ever manipulate you. My husband is a bonus, not a necessity. ❤️”

A Motley Crue icon revealed an emotional weight loss photo earlier this week. kingcharlesmantaghi chimed in, “That’s how it was the first time I [was intimately romantic] lol in my head I was thinking ‘eewww that’s where [something gross] comes from’ now it’s like (Peter Parker voice) ‘pizza time’!!”

Tommy Lee posted on social media yesterday, “I wonder if this social media post will outrage people and they’ll all click and comment on it and it’ll get picked up by a media outlet and outrage even more people and they’ll click on it and comment on it then the media site will get more ad dollars and look for even more posts that have outraged people to use as headlines to make even more money because of all the outraged clicks? Probably not.” Nikki Sixx savagely called out a ‘fake’ ripoff a few days ago.