Axl Rose Rejected Ex-Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Offer


The former Guns N’ Roses member DJ Ashba recently revealed that he attempted to offer “eight to ten” new Guns N’ Roses songs to Axl Rose during his tenure with the band.

DJ Ashba opens up on offering Guns N’ Roses songs

In a new conversation on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk, the guitarist – who served six years with GNR from 2009 until 2015 said that his nature is that of a “songwriter/producer, so, of course, I’m going to keep writing”.

He explained that he wrote “eight to 10 [songs] with Guns in mind, but a lot of them were too Appetite [For Destruction]-sounding.”

“To me, as a fan, I’m like, that’s what I’d want to hear,” he continues. “And so I was like, ‘I want to write something that sounds like it came right off of Appetite. I think they hit a little too close to home, but there [were] a couple where [Rose] absolutely… He was like, ‘This song is dope.’

For whatever reason – we were touring a lot – we never got a chance to get him in the studio. But they didn’t go anywhere further than just me sending him some tracks and him going, ‘Ah, this one’s dope,’ and ‘This one’s cool.’”

Ashba replaced Robin Finck who had left Guns N’ Roses to rejoin Nine Inch Nails – he would then first play with the group as a part of their Chinese Democracy tour and would stay a member until 2015. This is where he would ultimately depart the legendary rock outfit due to the return of Slash, who previously revealed the name who rejected Guns N’ Roses reunion.

He had previously said that around “85 or 90 percent” of the guitar parts he was responsible for live were originally Slash’s, so while he could have remained a full-time member, he says that relearning a three-hour show would have been too difficult.