Watch Axl Rose Sing “November Rain” Horrifically At Guns N’ Roses Show


Guns N’ Roses members Slash and Duff McKagan announced that Axl Rose was ‘severely’ and ‘beyond’ ill after ending a show in Abu Dhabi early on Sunday night, and praised him for powering through a two hour set. Video has now surfaced of the final song “November Rain” and Rose’s health definitely was getting the best of his voice, as he did not sound good.

ChrisMaciel posted on MyGNRForum, “As I said in the shows thread, i don’t think axl or management has planned to play half show.

Something went bad during November rain. They didn’t even try to give him some rest before leaving.”

Liva posted, “He was obviously feeling like shit, but he was moving around and that probably helped him subside or ignore the nausea. Once he sat down to play NR, the nausea prob set in again and he couldn’t recover from it. In hindsight he probably would say to skip NR or have dizzy play piano so he could keep moving. Look at the 3:48 mark here, during the break before the ending section. Axl puts both hands on his knees and u can tell he is fighting back puking or some sort of nausea.

He did his best, probably planned to play the whole show, had that sitting down moment and all went to hell, think we need to give the guy a break. Axl was clearly with doctors getting IV’s so other than the optics, fernando couldnt really have done anything different to help Axl. If anyone has been hungover or naseous, you want to sit in silence hoping you feel better, you dont want someone yapping in your ear every 15 minutes. ‘Axl do you feel better’. They didnt cancel and who knows, Axl might give them a 4 hour show next time around to make up for it.”