Blink-182 Member Gives Middle Finger To Fan In Photo


If you’re ever looking for the full concert experience, then you know you have to see Blink-182 to get that. Recently, a fan attending a Blink-182 concert had such an encounter when they were unexpectedly flipped off by none other than Tom DeLonge, one of the band’s iconic members. The incident sparked a flurry of discussions on Reddit, with fans expressing a surprising sentiment: that the concertgoer should feel honored by the gesture.

In today’s digital age, fans have unprecedented access to artists through social media platforms like Reddit. It has become common for attendees to share their concert experiences with the online community, and this particular incident quickly gained attention when the fan posted a photo capturing the exact moment DeLonge extended his middle finger. The image spread like wildfire, leading to an array of reactions and discussions.

While it might seem strange that fans would suggest being honored by such an incident, it reflects the high-school-like bond that Blink-182 shares with fans.

Blink-182, known for their irreverent and playful demeanor, have built a loyal fan base that appreciates their punk-rock attitude and unfiltered expression. Tom DeLonge, in particular, has always had a cheeky and unpredictable stage presence, often engaging in humorous and sometimes controversial behavior.

Fans who defended DeLonge’s gesture argued that it is part of the band’s authenticity and rebellious spirit. They believe that being the recipient of a Tom DeLonge middle finger is akin to receiving a badge of honor, symbolizing an interaction with the band’s uninhibited and genuine persona. In their eyes, it represents a memorable moment that sets Blink-182 apart from other acts and solidifies their status as punk rock icons.

Surely, this moment will be the highlight of this fans Blink-182-loving career for the rest of their lives. Let’s see who gets the bird next.