Nine Inch Nails Member ‘Destroyed’ Dressing Room


Despite past tensions and a bit of drama, the reunion of Richard Patrick and Trent Reznor on stage at the Blossom Music Center last September marked a significant moment of reconciliation between the former Nine Inch Nails bandmates. In a recent interview with Matt Pinfield on 95.5 KLOS’s New and Improved, Patrick shed light on the unexpected collaboration and the heartfelt acknowledgment from NIN’s leader.

“Last year, we reunited. That was amazing. This was his own Rock and Roll Hall of Fame kind of induction ceremony thing that he wanted to do in Cleveland because it didn’t happen because of COVID, and [Nine Inch Nails] couldn’t play. So, he wanted to do something special for Cleveland, and that’s what he did,” Patrick revealed.

The history between Patrick and Reznor has its share of rough patches, including Patrick’s departure from Nine Inch Nails in 1993, as hinted at in a previous UG article. However, the recent reunion suggests that time has healed old wounds. Patrick, who initially appeared on “Pretty Hate Machine” and toured extensively with NIN before founding his own band, Filter, described the experience of sharing the stage with Reznor once again.

“Trent totally put me in the limelight and said, ‘We’re gonna be playing ‘Eraser,’ you’re gonna come out, you’re gonna sing ‘Eraser,’ then we’re gonna do ‘Wish,’ we’re gonna play ‘Sin’ and ‘Gave Up,’ then we’re gonna do [Filter’s] ‘Hey Man Nice Shot,’ then we’re going to do ‘Head Like a Hole.’ And you’re gonna sing the second verse in ‘Head Like a Hole.’ So, he completely highlighted me and just made me feel so welcomed back in the band, and it was absolutely amazing. It’s up there definitely as one of the highlights of my life.”

The significance of the moment wasn’t lost on Patrick, who expressed gratitude for the warm reception and acknowledgment from his former bandmate. The collaboration featured a carefully curated setlist, incorporating both Nine Inch Nails classics and Filter’s iconic track, “Hey Man Nice Shot.”

In addition to reflecting on the reunion, Patrick, currently promoting Filter’s latest album, “The Algorithm,” shared insights into the evolution of his perspective as he navigates the music industry and life in his middle age.

He said: “I could write a book on the amount of crazy, fun times I had all the way back to Nine Inch Nails. Trent and I were hysterical. We had a blast back then – just totally going crazy, destroying things, destroying dressing rooms, all kinds of crazy stuff. And it’s funny back then when you’re 25, but to do that when I’m 55, and I have a family, and now I’m a respectable part of society… Hopefully.”

Patrick’s candid reflections on the past and present offer a glimpse into the dynamic journey of a musician who has not only matured in his craft but also found reconciliation and camaraderie in unexpected moments, proving that in the world of rock, reunions can be as powerful as the music itself.