Axl Rose ‘Fat Wreck’ Photo Revealed By Big Name


Axl Rose is one of rock’s most influential frontmen, and the record label Fat Wreck have revealed the cover for ‘Reinventing Axl Rose’ by Against Me! in a reprint. Axl Rose recently revealed his stunning new haircut.

Laura Jane Grace tweeted “’Reinventing Axl Rose’ is back in print thanks to our friends at @fat_wreck!”

TessaIsCold posted, “Why won’t Axl release new music? Why won’t the band mix up the setlist and play new music? Dropping four cover songs and adding breakdown, hard school, perhaps and the general would be such a huge treat for Axl’s die hard fanbase.”

Someone claiming to be Guns N’ Roses manager Fernando Lebeis has been interacting with whiny fans on the Guns N’ Roses Reddit recently, and possibly revealed the new GNR album release date. Lebeis has not confirmed on his social media if it’s him, but’s admin claimed that Lebeis didn’t deny it when they spoke.

flebeis responded, “You shouldn’t use ‘die hard fan base’ as your platform to spread your hate. I have met a lot of the diehards and they aren’t as clueless as you and most of the people I speak to isn’t as negative either. Maybe the 5 of you can get together and find happiness elsewhere.”

LocoComa shot back, “So, to be a real diehard fan to you, Fernando, we should all just be pleased to see the band continue to play a setlist that’s largely been the same for 3 straight years, with no legitimate signs of new music aside from the same hints and claims we’ve heard from various band members for the last 10 years? Just mindlessly blow smoke up the band’s ass and be forever gracious for any morsel that gets tossed to us?

The sad part is all these ‘diehards’ you turn your nose up at are foaming at the mouth to buy new music. We all would have happily paid for what everyone now has for free. The majority of us still would. Fuck us for following a band for music instead of toy trucks and laundry bags, I guess.”

flebeis said, “You do realize that the items you mention above are limited to something like 200 units, right? If it’s news you don’t like, and/or an email containing information you disagree with, just delete it and go on about your day. And laundry bags? Dude, we made the bags for some of the crew guys on tour and a lot of fans asked for it, so we made them available and timed it with back to school. I mean, c’monnnnnnnn. Is that really this bad? Want me to send you a free bag? You can burn it, bleach it, deny delivery or simply put your dirty laundry in it.” Axl Rose reacted to a bad accident at Guns N’ Roses’ concert last weekend.