Axl Rose Warns Rude Guns N’ Roses Fans In Video


Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose in a video clip that has surfaced social media, recently warned the 70,000+ fans at River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a very rowdy crowd and Rose asked them to take a step back for everyone’s safety.

Guns N’ Roses are on their South American Tour

Guns N’ Roses are currently on their South American Tour. This Tuesday night, after five years, the band s returned to Argentina. Band frontman Axl Rose was recently spotted at the Ezeiza Airport in Argentina as he looked angry. He was seen passing through airport controls wearing a salmon-colored jacket – our colleagues from TN Style– worn jeans and texan boots.  Meanwhile, Slash wore a leather jacket, sunglasses, and a cap where part of his hair could be seen. He didn’t put aside his guitar.

A video clip also recently surfaced the social media where Axl Rose and Slash were spotted performing on stage. While, Rose was singing and Slash playing his guitar, they accidentally bumped into each other in a wholesome moment as they continued their performance.

The former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven recently talked about Guns N’ Roses icon Slash and Rolling Stones Icon, Keith Richards. It is noted that Alan Niven is one of the few people who don’t often get talked about. He played a major role in the breakthrough that Guns N’ Roses got. Niven had already made his name as the manager, songwriter, and producer of Great White when Tom Zutaut, Geffen A&R agent who had signed Guns in 1986, invited him to manage the band.

Asked about his initial impression of the band, Niven replied: “F***-ups. But that meant they weren’t your typical, calculating L.A. wannabes who had more ambition than talent. Y’know, throw a demo together, shop it, not get signed, all change, join other musicians. Every three months.