Axl Rose Was Not A Fan Of Guns N’ Roses Bandmate’s Other Famous Band


Former Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson revealed in a new Esquire interview that Axl Rose was not a fan of his other band, The Replacements.

“He made a comment once that him and [GNR road manager] Del James might have come to one of our shows and checked us out at some point, but he wasn’t quite a fan. Duff was the one that saw us play and was more of a fan of ours back then.”

Stinson said he wasn’t a big Guns N’ Roses fan back in the 80’s either.

“Not really, we weren’t so much into it. It’s actually funny now, because Axl and I got to joking about it years later how neither one of us were really a fan of each other’s bands [Laughs]”

He also discussed opening for Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

“We did a couple of those shows at the Meadowlands and another at Madison Square Garden. I remember we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Keith before going into “Unsatisfied” at the Brendan Byrne gig. I don’t know if it was management or agents fuckin’ hooking that up. I don’t know if we were necessarily on Keith’s radar, if you know what I mean. I don’t know whose radar we could have been on, to be honest with you. But one of the big connections we made was meeting [X-Pensive Winos percussionist] Charley Drayton on that tour, and we had him play on a couple of songs during the sessions for All Shook Down.”