Maynard James Keenan Reacts To Horrible Tool Video


A Tool fan has created a video where Taylor Swift replaces Maynard James Keenan as the singer of Tool. Doug Nordwall tweeted, “Sadly, @Tool front man @mjkeenan might have been replaced by Talor swift. it’s unclear if this is a one time collaboration or something more serious. Now, here’s Tom with the weather.” Keenan liked the tweet. A copy of the new Tool album Fear Inoculum leaked to an Amazon employee, but it’s unclear if he has uploaded it online.

LAXKing77 speculated on the Tool Reddit that fans may not hear the new album online early, “For a lot of people on this sub, it’s not a question of if it will leak, but when. While album leaks were all but a certainty back when 10,000 days was released, they have become less common in recent years. I did some research on why, and listed some of my findings below. Personally, I’m giving I think the album won’t leak until next Thursday at the earliest.

Digital downloads and streaming has cut down on the reliance of physical copies. It used to be that if you promised an Album by August 30th, artists would have to get the album in the hands of record stores in order to make good on that promise. With digital downloads, distributors aren’t as worried about ensuring major records stores have sufficient copies–the album is still available digitally by the release date. You can see this with Fear Innoculum. A big name blocked the physical release of the new Tool album.

As many of you have noted, many record stores that placed orders have either been told that the orders will not be fulfilled by the 30th or have not heard back from their distributors. The sheer number of copies that are being shipped has decreased as well, resulting in the albums being in fewer peoples hands prior to the release date.”

  • MajTomK

    Personally, I’m giving I think the album won’t leak until next Thursday at the earliest.

    Anyone else already listening to it before this article even posted? lol

    Drums on Chocolate Chip Trip are insane!

    • chance

      Where is the leak at? I’ve been looking for it for weeks. I haven’t looked in a couple of days though. Just my luck

  • Dan Gray

    I shared the Taylor Swift video with Tool on Twitter (and shared it in Facebook) a couple of days ago… did I do this?!

  • Mustang Gt

    It’s already been leaked, hours before this was posted, smh.

    • Mustang Gt

      Don’t take this out of context, I love Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Maynard, et al. I’ll be supporting MJK with a legit d/l on Friday. The man is a musical genius and deserves it.