Rush Icon Called Pearl Jam Member After Firing


The former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese recently posted a photo to mark the 2-year anniversary of Rush drummer Neil Peart’s death on Facebook. Dave also discussed Neil calling him on a radio show after his 1994 Pearl Jam firing. A friend named Sammy commented on Facebook, “When Dave got shafted from Pearl Jam, Neil wrote to him stating ‘congratulations on getting rid of your side men.’”  Dave Abbruzzese recently posted a song he wrote with Eddie Vedder. Abbruzzese is regarded by many fans as Pearl Jam’s greatest drummer, playing on the Ten and Vs. tours, and recording Vs. and Vitalogy. Abbruuzzese also had songwriting credits in the band, including the fan favorite “Go.” Abbruzzese’s dismissal from Pearl Jam came as the recording of Vitalogy was wrapping up, and he was replaced by Jack Irons, who played on No Code and Yield.

Dave responded, Actually, Sammy… He called into a radio show I was on and said that to me on air! What a classy fella!”

Dave Abbruzzese covers song with Rolling Stones legend

Dave Abbruzzese is very active on social media and it does seem to actually be him, rather than anyone actually running his accounts for him. He recently shared a video clip that saw the Quarantine Jam of the “Powerman” originally by The Kinks.

The jamming session features Bernard Fowler, Eric Schenkman, Benny Goodman, Carmine Rojas, Marcus Nand, Martina Rover, Shani Kimelman, and of course David Abbruzzese.

Dave wrote to Alternative Nation owner Brett Buchanan, ““Heya, Brett! I thought you might enjoy this. Me joined by my friends (various players from David Bowie, Rod Stewart, The Rolling Stones, Spin Doctors, etc.) Having fun with an old song by The Kinks! I’ve got some more ‘Quarantine jams’ coming soon! Happy holidays to you!”

You can check out the YouTube video clip posted by Dave Abbruzzese below: