Billie Joe Armstrong Drops Green Day Woodstock Bombshell


Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong recently posted a photo from around the time of Woodstock 1994 on social media and captioned it, “Tre wins worlds greatest t shirt award.” Tre commented, “I wore that to Woodstock 94.” Green Day called out American Idiot haters last week.

Armstrong also said about posting several Green Day cover performances recently on his social media, “It was was really fun to see and hear people playing our songs. Keep rockin! Loud! And write your own songs too. Guitars bass and drums destroy the universe.”

American_Nimrod recently posted on Reddit about 21st Century Breakdown a decade later, “Does anyone know why Butch Vig was the one to produce 21st Century Breakdown and not Rob Cavallo? Mainly asking cause Rob Cavallo produced albums before and after that one (AI and Trilogy). So why the switch?”

Dcfb2360 responded, “They wanted a different producer with a track record of great albums. Dude made both Siamese Dream AND Nevermind, 2 of the greatest rock albums ever. 21CBD was supposed to be a more ambitious, epic-sounding album, so Butch Vig was the perfect choice. He’s really good at making big-sounding rock albums that age well and don’t sound dated 20 years later.”

Beyzabilgier said, “I don’t know exactly why but they mentioned at that time they had too many ideas and didn’t really know how to put them into the album cohesively so he helped them on that. I think it was a good choice since the album’s sound turned out well.”

Dippinthosechips chimed in, “He’s a pretty legendary producer, who did some of the biggest rock albums of all time.” Arnenatan concluded, “I think just because they wanted to switch it up so that their sound doesn’t get stale.” Billie Joe Armstrong unloaded on a ‘worst’ Green Day album claim last week.