Eddie Vedder Breaks Silence On Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder singing along to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ final North American festival performance with Josh Klinghoffer was revealed in a new video post by Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily Cornell Silver. Vedder, his wife and children, and Lily are seen watching Josh play with the Chili Peppers for the last time.

Lily wrote in the post, “Happy birthday to the man himself. Love you Ed. To the wisest and goofiest guy I know – thank you for helping raise me and for bringing two of my beautiful sisters into the world with mama J! (this is us at @theohanafest, one of my favorite moments of 2019 :).” Klinghoffer also joined Vedder onstage in early November at his final RHCP show, when his fate in the band had likely already been decided, with the return of John Frusciante supposedly being set in stone by mid-November.

Footsteps86 speculated on the Ten Club board recently about rumored Pearl Jam spring 2020 California tour dates, “Just to play devil’s advocate, one of the long rumored headliners for Coachella who was part of the group “confirmed” by Us Weekly was Frank Ocean. Dude is notorious for canceling gigs. So it could be possible that he already backed out and maybe GV/AEG reached out to PJ to be his replacement.

It could be possible that GV/AEG worked with PJ to still let them play shows in Southern California surrounding Coachella since they needed a sudden replacement headliner. A similar situation happened this year when they needed a last minute replacement before the lineup announcement when Kanye canceled. They booked Ariana even though she already had multiple LA shows booked for May. So while it’s highly, highly unlikely they will be on the Coachella poster when it drops this week, it also isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility.”

Triberjay25 responded, “I’ll believe Frank Ocean when he actually walks out on stage, and there’s been tremendous rumors of a fourth headliner this year due to the poor sales of last year (although I don’t think it’s PJ as much as I wish it was).” Pearl Jam’s New York and LA comeback shows were just detailed.