Billie Joe Armstrong Makes ‘Quitting’ Green Day Announcement


Billie Joe Armstrong reacted to rumors that he had quit Green Day or that the band had broken up at a surprise show at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa, CA a couple of days ago.

Armstrong said, “I just want to put this out there, we didn’t break up, this ain’t no f**king reunion. I’m so sick of reunions.” The show was advertised as a The Longshots and Foxboro Hot Tubs show, but turned into a Green Day show.

Billie Joe Armstrong forgot lyrics to a Green Day song in a new video. Beyzabilgier wrote about the surprise nature of the show on Reddit, “They’re usually doing shows around there I think, you can have another chance eventually.”

Catorendain responded, “Do they announce the shows or do you just have to be there?”

Beyzabilgier said, “Yes, they announce but you have to be really fast usually sold out in a few minutes but sometimes there will limited tickets at the door too. There are some kinda regulars I see going these type of shows almost every time, they must try to keep their eyes out for it.”

Green Day are set to release their new album ‘Father of All…’ in February 2020, followed by the summer 2020 Hella Mega tour in North America with Weezer and Fall Out Boy. Howard Stern dropped a Green Day money bombshell recently.

1. Stop Drop and Roll
2. Father of All
3. Revolution Radio
4. Hitchin’ A Ride
5. Welcome To Paradise
6. Burnout
7. Jesus of Suburbia