Rage Against The Machine Drop Tool 2020 Bombshell


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello liked a tweet by a troll who insulted himself, Tool, and Maynard James Keenan. A Rage Against The Machine girlfriend revealed a money ripoff yesterday.

The troll named Teddy said, “Tbh I’ll take the 30 banjos all playing at once over Tool and Tom Morello’s solo stuff.”

After Morello liked the tweet, Teddy tweeted to him, “Vanity-ass searching ma’f**ker.”

GrabsJoker posted, “Where do you all think they’ll go after AUS/NZ? I’m guessing a European stadium tour, maybe in spring/summer of 2020. Any chance of another N. American tour later next year? Other parts of the world? Or, maybe they’ll take a break for a bit, allowing the members to get into other projects?”

MobileVortex responded, “Spring / Early summer another US tour. Mid-Late Fall EU tour. Puscifer 2021.”

Maynard James Keenan revealed why he ‘left’ his Tool bandmates a few days ago. GrabJoker shot back, “I’d love another US tour. I did two shows in November, but couldn’t make it work for any of the upcoming January tour. If they do another one in spring/summer in the US, I’m 100% going.”

MobileVortex said, “There are rumors of them being @ bonaroo this year. If that gets confirmed, they will probably hit some of the areas they havent hit yet. Like PNW and the upper midwest.”

MadMagdasTarot chimed in, “Just happy that they started their tour in the US. At times, US bands tend to start tours outside of their home territory and then end it in the US.”

Pieholden wrote, “Maybe instead of a 3rd US leg, hit different places. Asia, S. America, etc. I am fully aware I am getting lucky for them to swing back to my area twice in a few months.”

Dice5199 said, “Some possible North American venues to look out for are the following: Hollywood Bowl, Chase Center, Gorge, Red Rocks, Madison Square Garden and Bonnaroo.” Maynard James Keenan and Tool canceled a major show earlier this week.