Tool Guitarist Avoids Disaster In Emotional Video


We previously reported that Tool guitarist Adam Jones announced that he and his family had evacuated from their Malibu home to escape the Woolsey Fire that is devastating the Los Angeles area. He said he was unsure if his home could be burned down, like Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst and Neil Young. Fortunately, Jones has shared a new video from a local news station showing that his home was not burned down.

Jones wrote, “#KTLA Helicopter footage of Malibu as of this morning* Korin & I were overjoyed to see that our home & property had indeed been saved ?? My neighbors said the fires ran behind from the highway to the ocean during Friday night & FD Ground & Air kicked total ass •Thank you?????? •

Many homes on the opposite side of the highway are damaged or gone ?

We are truly TRULY lucky.”

He had previously posted, “Thank you for all the concern love and support. *This is crazy & heartbreaking. God bless all those affected by these horrific wildfires. I hope our home survives. If not – it’s just “stuff” and I have my best friend Korin & our 2boys ???? safe & sound.”

Adam Jones is currently recording Tool’s new album, and is set to release the album and tour in 2019.