Green Day Singer Forgets Lyrics In Horrible Video


Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong had a clever way to deal with a flub during a recent concert performance. The acclaimed Green Day singer had trouble with his lines during their performance of the band’s classic 1996 track, ‘Brain Stew.’ Here, you can see the Armstrong cover up this flub by of all things, burping! This video was originally posted by Green Day subreddit member bfizzle41. Billie Joe Armstrong recently revealed this bathroom photo with his wife.

In other Green Day and Billie Joe Armstrong news, fans took to social media to look back on the album that the aforementioned ‘Brain Stew’ appears on – ‘Insomniac’.

As one reviewer noted: “They are never going to top the run of three albums from ‘Dookie’, ‘Insomniac’, and ‘Nimrod’ in the power punk genre. Something in this has that innocent, youthful feeling of unrest and losing hope we have all felt at some point in your lives. They would never come back to this sound after Nimrod and if you ask me it was a slow, fun ride downhill because of overexposure with their ‘operas’ and tamer sound. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t really think of these guys as pure punk; this has always been pop power punk and that is fine with me. I know where the borderline lies. This album in particular still contains a lot of rebellious musings and pent up feelings from being cast out of the scene by their peers. This is more a personal record than anything else. And the lyrics, music, and drums all come together with excellent taste.” This Green Day singer recently revealed this horrible paycheck photo.

The reviewer continued: “What Insomniac brings to the table is a melodic edge and energy that was definitely on Kerplunk and Dookie, but not as harsh or supremely cynical. Insomniac is even more relevant and natural a punk album than any other that they made. You can hear these guys coming into their own style and personality. They had nothing to prove but to prove themselves capable of running alone without the home crowd. And the album does not miss a beat. To me, there is not really a bad song on here. Panic Song might be the best thing they ever did. It makes the stuff they are doing now almost seem archaic.”

The reviewer concluded: “With physical maturity, their sound has gotten too sweet, too sappy, and I rarely can stand more than a few songs. I probably should not say strange, as it seems a lot of musicians, in general, become a lot worse as bands after their heyday. Only a few seem to keep going with the same relevance. I know Green Day is relevant to younger kids, but to me, their newer albums are just random pop-punk records with saccharine lyrics. Insomniac however remains a classic.” This Green Day member was recently spotted with Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter.

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