Billy Corgan Announces Birth Of Daughter With Epic Name


Photo: PAWS Magazine

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and girlfriend Chloe Mendel have welcomed their second child Philomena Clementine Corgan, their second child and first daughter. Their son Augustus Juppiter Corgan was born in 2015.

Corgan wrote on Instagram, “Please welcome PHILOMENA CLEMENTINE CORGAN, the latest addition to our family! Pictured here with her brother, Augustus Juppiter, this makes 8, counting Chloe, Angelface, Diamondbaby, Chin Chin, Ling Ling and yours truly.

I”m so lucky to have a great partner in @chloemendel, who juggled raising our son, pregnancy with Philomena, whilst building her fashion line (@maisonatia) and navigating my being gone so much with SP in 2018. Oh, and then there’s wrestling!! What a year!”

Corgan wrote a couple of weeks ago about his future, “What a morning! It just hit me: new song out (Silvery Sometimes/Ghosts, which I named in homage tribute to The Cure ‘s Robert Smith, my friend), album available for pre-order. The new LP is available now at

…PLUS we are moments away (9 AM CENTRAL) from tickets going on sale for our first, and the NWA’s 70th ANNIVERSARY SHOW (in Nashville on Oct 21st//tix available at Feature a rematch between Aldis and Rhodes for the Ten Pounds of Gold (as seen in our docu-series on NWA’s YouTube channel). AND I just got back home to Chicago at midnight. So now dealing with a very pesky 2 year old named Augustus. Who to his credit heard the new song once, just now, and quoted the first line back to me. So yes, off for a few weeks to rest and restoration and then we’ll be coming over to play London and Bologna (Bologna is sold out). Yesterday on the place we were discussing whether or not we should play Silvery Sometimes in the Shiny show, and of course expressing our concerns that it’d make a long show only longer. So let me know on DM whether or not you’d like to hear the new song live for the 2 Euro shows and your suggestions of where we might play it if we do. The most obvious spot being in the encore; either first or second, with Baby Mine still being last. Lots of love to go around: to @smashingpumpkins, to @lagana @nickaldis @americannightmarecody and the august @nwa, and of course you, the wonderful people who support these endeavors with vigor. I appreciate you heaps, and especially on a day like today. Where we celebrate all the hard work! So spread the word. It’s gonna be epic from here on out of 2018, and 2019 with be even brighter. Even though there’s ‘no sun’, according to Zero or BC or whoever else is in my head talking.”