Fleetwood Mac Bandmate Has Tragically Died


Brett Tuggle, a former keyboardist who served significant time with Fleetwood Mac, who recently revealed this shocking bombshell about one of their members was also a founding member of the David Lee Roth band in the 1980s. The keyboardist passed away on Sunday, June 19th due to complications from Cancer. Brett Tuggle would be 70 years old at the time of his death and the death would be confirmed to legacy entertainment outlet, Rolling Stone by Brett’s son Matt. The statement would fully read as follows.

“He was loved by his family so much,” Matt said. “His family was with him throughout the entire time of his illness. He was a lovely father. He gave me music in my life.”

“Brett Tuggle—truly the ‘secret weapon’ of the Eat ‘Em & Smile band and tour. Loved by everyone that ever met him, and gifted with supreme vocal, keyboard, and compositional talent, as well as being one of THE funniest and friendliest human beings to ever exist—a dear friend, devoted Dad, [and] indispensable component to so many other great bands and tours as well. Brett passed away last night.

“We will all miss you, my brother. Thank you for enriching our lives, as well as supplying countless one-liners that we will use for the rest of our lives and be forever reminded of you.

“My condolences to his family and friends.

“Rest In Peace, my brother. We will never forget you.”

In other news regarding Fleetwood Mac, During an interview featuring The New Yorker back in 2015, Stevie Nicks discussed what she felt, Christine McVie brought to Fleetwood Mac. Nicks’ response was as follows: “She brings the funny. And the funny is very, very important,” Nicks explained. “And that is what is, to me, besides her beautiful songs and her beautiful presence, the fact that she’s such a comedienne, and she just makes us all laugh is, to me, the most precious part of the whole thing. What you do notice is how much you missed that. Without her, it was a much more serious band. With her, it’s much more lighthearted. So that right there makes the whole thing easier.”