New Tool Album Has Heartwarming Connection To Final Soundgarden Record


On Friday, Tool guitarist Adam Jones did a live Instagram video from the studio. He showed off Justin Chancellor’s recording gear, and the band could be seen watching the movie Fletch. Producer Joe Barresi’s dog Bullet was seen in the studio as well. Bullet provided backing vocals on Soundgarden’s final album before Chris Cornell’s death King Animal, so in a sense he was the king animal of the record! In the video, Baressi was also seen wiring up some microphones.

A fan named Tra1famadorian wrote on Reddit, “If Adam is doing final tracking then Justin’s parts are done, but I do believe he plays along with Justin as he lays down the bass tracks over Danny’s finished drum tracks so there’s no way to really know unless he says he’s begun tracking his parts.

I figured the tracking process would go quickly considering how they collaborated over distances this time due to their different schedules and already had “FINAL” recorded versions of the music before entering the studio. So it wouldn’t surprise me if Adam was doing final tracking already.

That leaves us right on schedule for Maynard to take his break after APC finishes their summer rounds and head into the studio at the tail end of summer/beginning of autumn. Band should be in press mode by late autumn/early winter, and release in spring 19.”

You can see a photo of the live video below.

Adam just went live on Instagram and gave us a peek of the studio from r/ToolBand

  • I love that they’re watching Fletch.

  • Jarek Draven

    Spring 2019? Way too goddamn late. And I don’t mean to be an insensitive dick, or unrealistic… I know they all have their own lives and side projects. Esp Maynard. However….

    1- We’ve been promised this album for years. There were rumors, and maybe even a few comments from the band, implying we might get new stuff in 2012, or 2013. That’s 6-7 years ago. 7-8, if we’re talking spring 2919! Their last album was 2006. Already well over a decade. People who became fans of Tool as adolescents, when 10k Days came out, are ADULTS now, with families of their own! And OGT fans already went from adolescence to adulthood from Opiate / Undertow to 10k days! Us OG fans are getting old!

    In fact, some hardcore tool fans have literally DIED while waiting for a new album to come out!

    2- (And this is a big point)… Maynard has been a super vocal smartass in recent months, toward his band mates, making multiple comments in public implying THEY’RE the reason for the additional holdup, and that as soon as he gets their finished parts, it will be quick and easy to finish.

    They started recording their parts this spring.

    So if they finish, and Maynard dicks around on tour for very long before recording, it could make him look like a bit of a hypocrite or liar.

    Tho to be fair / honest, I may be a tiny bit bitter that APC (like tool) often seems to not play in the Northeast a whole lot, when they tour. Of course, they’re all over the Southwest like dirt and hot days. But I digress…

    3- I worry Maynard’s voice will not be at peak, if he tries to record right after a tour. There’s something to be said for lots of practice… But live show and studio are two very different beasts, and the demands of touring can put a lot of strain on the voice! So if he’s recording post-tour, may need some time to rest, too!

    Just saying…