Billy Corgan Drops Dave Grohl & Alice In Chains Bombshell


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan recently revealed rock’s greatest drummers of the 90’s in a Q&A. Alternative Nation transcribed his responses.

Jimmy Chamberlin being the best drummer of his generation, what other drummers would join him in the podium?

Grohl. Sean From Alice In Chains. John from System of a Down. Brad Wilk/Rage Against The Machine. I’m sure I’m leaving someone out.

Do you believe that socialism could ever work in a country built on hard work and sacrifice?

I am openly against socialism as a political system. As I am against communism. I believe however in a robust, free market system, but like any system it is not perfect and can be easily abused.

What has caused the increase in polarization we’ve seen in the last few decades?

Clickbait, AI systems, rise of social media systems, individuals becoming more isolated in news/info they are exposed to and consume.

Do you think that polarization happens naturally or stimulated by external agents?

It’s natural for people to move towards different positions in thought, culture. But certainly there are external forces sowing and pushing for a greater divide than there otherwise might be. And it’s unfortunate because we really are better working in tandem.