Eddie Vedder Debuting New Songs With Adam Sandler


Eddie Vedder confirmed on The Howard Stern Show that he will debut “one or two new songs” at Amazon’s Venture Into Cures event on November 18th, with all proceeds going to research to treat and cure the horrible skin disorder Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Vedder will perform alongside other big names like Adam Sanderl David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Willie Nelson, Judd Apatow and Laura Dern.

Opsopcopolis posted on the Ten Club about the Stern Show interview, “I thought it was a solid interview and covered a lot of ground that I don’t usually hear from Eddie interviews. That being said, I thought Stern rambled a bit and the part about Ed’s childhood went on for waaaay too long. It almost felt like he was trying to provoke something.”

1ThoughtKnown responded, “You obviously don’t listen to many Stern interviews or the show often. You might be taking it out of context. Howard talks about the struggles of his own upbringing all the time (mostly for comedic value). He has been in therapy for a long time and is interested in others experiences and ways they cope. His audience loves his own honesty and (correctly) assumes his listeners would want the same honesty from the guests.

You are a PJ fan and know the entire story no doubt, therefore it wouldn’t be that interesting. It would be very fair to assume the majority of Stern listeners aren’t hardcore PJ fans therefore there were many interesting nuggets there for them.”

I enjoyed the interview. We don’t get too many full interviews, and most of the time it’s very controlled by the band. Stern got to push a little harder than were accustomed too. Was cool hearing some new stories and insights.”