Billy Corgan Hurt After Falling In Terrible Photo


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has revealed that he suffered a third concussion on tour. Corgan has been touring Europe solo and with The Smashing Pumpkins this summer. Corgan recently discussed his first embarrassing accident that led to a concussion in Prague.

He posted a photo and wrote, “A vampire’s lunch in Transylvania. Glassy eyes are due to a 3rd concussion this tour. Yes, fell down go boom.”

In a recent Instagram story Q&A, Corgan discussed his political views and a disappointing experience at a recent solo show.

Do you think your work would’ve been judged differently if you towed the political talking points of the left? I do.

“Without a doubt but I’m not a f’n robot and I value the freedom of a true mind.”

I love you for not conforming to a political agenda. You make it that much harder for THEM.

“Artists need to be free to make art of God, and for God’s children.”

I’ve noticed other artists work seemed to fizzle while yours seems to evolve. How?

“I appreciate that compliment. Can’t speak for other’s work, but I can say I’ve had a willingness to fail.”

I’m sorry per the Roman experience but it was amazing to listen to your music so deeply.

“Thank you. I, too, am sorry for the process that led us all to such an unfortunate location for the show.”