Ozzy Osbourne Bandmate Reveals Sad Jimi Hendrix Remark


Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde revealed if The Jimi Hendrix Experience could replace Jimi in a new Conversation Series interview. Yesterday, disgusting Ozzy Osbourne text messages to a famous female television host were revealed.

“I always considered [playing in Pantera to honor Dimebag Darrell], like, it would be no different than [Hendrix drummer] Mitch Mitchell asking Eric Clapton, ‘Eric, would you go out, we’re gonna go out and celebrate Jimi and we want you to play and sing all of Jimi’s stuff?’. Eric was good buddies with Jimi, so why would he say no to that? You know, the three of them, there’s no replacing Jimi, it’s Eric up there honoring Jimi’s greatness and his legacy.”

He also discussed the state of rock, “People were saying, ‘Guitar is dead’ and whatever, but I go on social media, there’s so many amazing players, which is awesome because that means guitar is healthy. I mean, things come in and they come out, and it is what it is. Like, you know Studio 54, when it was huge and disco and everything like that, I mean, it was a movement, and then everybody’s, like, ‘Oh, disco is dead,’ like, in 1980. It’s, like, no, now it’s rave. You go out to a rave club, it’s just disco dressed up with different clothes on. It still, at the core, might as well be Studio 54, it’s EDM and it’s rave music, but what’s the difference? It’s just dressed up differently.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Wylde’s remarks.

Ozzy Osbourne has shared a photo of himself jokingly choking his ‘personal dwarf’ John Edward Allen on Instagram. He wrote, “Speak of the Devil.” Ozzy Osbourne’s bandmate recently revealed why he took a brutal shot at Limp Bizkit.

Allen was just 3 foot 10 inches tall, and he was a tailor in Southampton. He then moved to America with dreams to become an actor, landing some jobs on Broadway, followed by roles in Blade Runner, Paradise Alley, and even performing for President Jimmy Carter at the White House. Allen drank a lot, so it was a match made in hell when Ozzy Osbourne hired him for his Speak of the Devil and Diary of a Madman tours. Ozzy renamed him ‘Ronnie,’ the same name as his Black Sabbath replacement Ronnie James Dio.