Billy Corgan Makes Heartbreaking Eddie Vedder Announcement


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has revealed in a new Instagram story Q&A that he wishes he could have played with Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder when they were younger. Billy Corgan was savagely disrespected on a plane a few days ago with his girlfriend.

Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins obviously toured together, so he is poking fun at the fan’s question, but Corgan and Vedder have yet to perform together onstage together. Being two of the last surviving voices of the Grunge era, it would definitely be a monumental moment for Generation X rock fans.

A fan asked Corgan, “Have you ever met Eddie Vedder?” Corgan responded, “Never met, no. Wished we’d played together back in the day.”

Corgan also wrote on Christmas, “From our family to yours, Merry Christmas. Lots of love and appreciation for the blessed life your support has given our family. As a parent, we all just hope our children have a better life than we did growing up. So again, humble and heartfelt appreciation on this most special of holidays.

A time of forgiveness and remembrance. My favorite time of the year. Where I can pause and wonder how this crazy life has led me here, by the warm fire of family and song. And to all who’ve lost friends, Mothers and Fathers, brothers and sisters, dear ones, you’re in our prayers.

I’d give a lot to have my mother Martha here to see my kids, or for my grandparents to note themselves in my cocky brood. This holiday brings all of these things full circle, from here to there, and from us to you; and from the magical Heavens to Earth. -William.” Eddie Vedder’s wife called for a big name firing recently.