Billy Corgan Savagely Disrespected On Plane With Girlfriend


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and his girlfriend Chloe Mendel recently discussed being disrespected on a plane. Billy Corgan just broke his silence on Chris Cornell’s widow being attacked.

Chloe wrote, “Clementine didn’t like flying today. We fly so much she usually is so easy going. Today she wasn’t. And to be honest Clementine is so well behaved to have a hard time 1/10 flights is pretty amazing.

A woman + her friend seated in front of us kept turning around staring as if we didn’t belong in those seats which we paid full price for as well. I can understand after a long day no one wants to sit on a plane with a tired baby. And it’s better not to judge and assume everyone is having a hard day. But piece of advise.. The staring and the silent judgements only make the situation worse. And if I could make the baby stop, I would. Every mom would.

I’m not a victim or looking for sympathy. And I caught myself quickly coming to conclusions and wanting to confront these people. In the end I decided the only thing I could do to improve the situation is to have compassion. As we all should try to do more and more. This holiday season and coming 2020 year I’m going to prioritize compassion and understanding because I think the world needs it now more than ever. Do you have any new years resolutions ? Or working on anything of self growth? Please share.”

Billy Corgan then added, “A note from my partner on getting the bad vibes on a plane for having a crying baby. Here, to her credit, she preaches compassion; and she is right, it is the only way. But those people are lucky it wasn’t me they were sending the gloomy vibes at (and yes I’ve gotten them, first class on a plane being no sanctuary from snobs and I say that having gotten many comments through the years for not belonging apparently). But I digress.

Nothing irks me now that I have my own brood than seeing the looks cast my own way or seeing those looks thrown at young mother’s in particular in public places. A parent with their child should be sacred space in my humble opinion, and all should endeavor to make their way through the world a little lighter. Back to the holidays, and lots of love from here, your soldier in Christ -William.” Corgan stopped a performance a few weeks ago when a fight broke out.