Billy Corgan Rejects Bold Foo Fighters Idea For Smashing Pumpkins


Foo Fighters have frequently brought fans onstage to perform at shows in recent years. Billy Corgan was asked in a recent Instagram story Q&A if he would be willing to follow in Dave Grohl’s steps and do this at Smashing Pumpkins shows. Corgan praised Grohl recently, saying he was proud of what he has accomplished.

View recent Instagram story fan Q&A’s below, including Corgan’s response to the idea of taking the bold action of bringing fans onstage that Foo Fighters do on a regular basis.

Would you ever let a fan come on stage and play guitar on a song like the Foo Fighters have done?

“That’d be a big fan f’n no.”

Was Teagarden by Kaleidoscope the next chapter in the story of Glass?

“Every narrative and every character is connected (including Zwan and solo works).”

Is there an Adore era recording of Cash Car Star?

“Yes, and Bjorn Thorsrud and I once got in a fight over it!”

Was it somewhat difficult not to play any SP songs in any context between 2001-2006?

“Not at all. The break was welcome and deliberate.”

Schroeder doesn’t seem to say much. Is he a quiet and shy guy? Love him! He’s a total Pumpkin!

“Not at all. Super articulate, bright, and funny.”

Doesn’t reposting people’s stories encourage them filming you with their freaking phones?

“Yeah, you’re right. If I stop reposting all the thousands of phones I see each night will most likely stay in pockets.”