Roger Daltrey Calls Out Horrible The Who Performance


Roger Daltrey has previously called out The Who set at Woodstock as the band’s worst performance ever, and in a new interview 50 years later, he appears to stand by this claim. Daltrey recently made a bold Led Zeppelin claim.

Daltrey told the New York Times in a new interview, “It was a particularly hard one for me, because of the state of the equipment. It was all breaking down. I’m standing in the middle of the stage with enormous Marshall 100 watt amps blasting my ears behind me. Moon on the drums in the middle. I could barely hear what I was singing.”

Woodstock was scheduled to come back in just days for a 50th anniversary show in New York, but after many difficulties the festival was officially canceled earlier this month, with a last minute attempt to move to Maryland with Billy Corgan making a surprising claim after a Smashing Pumpkins and Woodstock rumor. The Woodstock 50 lineup was set to include The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Jay-Z, Robert Plant, Greta Van Fleet, The Black Keys, and many others.

Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth discussed Woodstock in-depth on a new episode of The New Roth Show, “As a dedicated follower of all the bands that were at Woodstock – The Who, Sly and the Family Stone, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, it’s a long, long list and I love, love those bands. However, you gotta admit without a video screen, without suitable sound and without some sort of visual that really allows you to see the act it’s really hard to tell who is playing half the time. When you look at Woodstock and I’ve seen the movie about fifty-five times, you can’t tell who is in the rhythm section.

You might have Sly in Sly and the Family Stone because he’s out front, he’s got the biggest hat on and he’s the one singing lead. Carlos [Santana], they focus in on him but if you pull that camera back just a little bit it’s surrounded by families, road-crew, techs, hangers-on, press & media, other musicians and you can’t tell who’s doing what.”