Unreleased Layne Staley Alice In Chains Song Titles Revealed


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist William DuVall has shared a new photo from the band’s pop up shop and museum featuring a board from the 1995 self-titled album recording sessions at Studio X, the last album to feature Layne Staley. The board features titles never before heard, many seem like jokes, but they include: Piss Shivers, Bat Guanoe, Settling Down, Big Big Money$$$, Tall Are We, Felcher Spinchter, Fogchucker, T.V. Show Theme, It Doesn’t Matter, and Care To See. Two titles are too unclear to see, including a title with Big Little and Moby The Phatastoopit. View the photo below.

Alice In Chains returned to Studio X in Seattle to record their new album Rainier Fog. DuVall admits in a new Pop Matters interview that there was some initial trepidation ahead of the mission. Whatever anxieties were in the air before the band plugged in at Studio X for the first time began to dissipate once sessions got underway.

“In doing that you are, in a respect, confronting history,” he says. “You’re always aware of that. You’re carrying that around with you in the back of your mind. Sometimes it comes to the forefront. For the other guys, it was literally confronting their past. For me, it was confronting my own place within this band, going back to square one in Seattle.”

  • Eric Rasmussen

    Person that wrote this article obviously knows very little to nothing about the band. Big Big Money was So Close’s working title and Settling Down appeared on Jerry’s solo debut. Care to See is short for the Willie Nelson song “I’ve Seen All This World I Care to See” that Cantrell covered around this time.

    • Eddie Yarler

      There’s more than 12 though. Do you think some might be B-sides? I know.Jerry had Settling Down and Hurt a Long Time written from the self titled sessions.

    • Rita Mills

      Thank you Eric for your clarification. You are spot on man.

    • Hot Topic

      Yeah. They R E V E A L E D nothing… as always.
      Big money salvia

  • Steph Tofil

    The board was on the Nona Tapes….

  • Toby

    At the end of the Moby song, I read Phat & Stoopit Dork. Looks like Goober and something like Rec or Reg at the end of Big Little.

    • Toby

      @Brandon nailed the Beg, Little Goober, Beg title.

  • billy arrington

    Don’t take anything this website writes to heart. The guy just copies and pastes bullshit he knows very little about

  • Brandon

    The two “unreadable” song titles are Beg Little Goober, Beg and Moby The Phat & Stoopit Dork.