Billy Corgan Returns To Cover Of Cat Magazine After 4 Years


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan appears on the cover of the new PAWS magazine with girlfriend Chloe Mendel, son Augustus Juppiter, and cats Diamondface and Angelbaby. Corgan originally appeared on the cover in 2014 with his late cats Mr. Thom and Sammi, who became so popular they launched their own Twitter account.

He wrote on Instagram, “We are so thrilled and honored to celebrate @pawschicago 20th Anniversary with this cover shoot. We LOVE being a part of the PAWS family, and meet so many in Chicago who, like us, have chosen to adopt. Pictured here with Augustus, @chloemendel and I are Angelface and Diamondbaby, both rescues who came from the worst of circumstances, and because of PAWS’ tireless efforts, are now treasured members of our family.”

Bringing an infant home to a house full of pets can be a stressful situation for all parties, but Corgan and Mendel managed with both care and ease, they say in the PAWS magazine article. “We let Augustus figure out his own relationship with the pets while very closely monitoring any behavior that was over the line regarding their space or well-being,” Corgan said. “He learned with them what was appropriate. But the pets seemed to know he was a baby and were very patient.”

“It’s important to still make time for the pets while allowing them to create their own relationship with the child,” said Mendel. “The pets are fully aware of the new baby in the home. It’s important that they know they are loved and a part of the family and that it is their job to welcome in the new addition as if it were their own.”

Both parents emphasized the importance of always monitoring children when they are with animals. “But we make sure that Augustus is aware that animals are sacred, and it is our job to love them too,” said Mendel. “He feels unconditional love for the dogs and cats and allows the pets to love him back.”

“He chases the cats and thinks they are the silliest things in the world,” Mendel said. “And the cats are so gentle with him.” As kittens, Angelface and Diamond Baby would sit on Mendel’s pregnant tummy. “I always felt they had a strong connection with Augustus before he entered the world,” she said.

Corgan senses that the dogs initially were concerned they would be pushed aside by the new baby, “but now they are quite sweet about it all and love that Augustus is messy and willing to give them treats,” he continued. “I’m proud of how patient they’ve been as he has grown and learned how to be gentle with Chin and Ling. The cats have also been remarkable with allowing Augustus to figure out what is appropriate behavior.”