Steven Tyler Girlfriend ‘Bends’ In Tight Shorts Photo


Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler ‘s girlfriend Aimee Ann Preston has a killer body and loves to flaunt it. This case is certainly no different and if the term ‘backside-selfie’ isn’t a thing, we would like to congratulate the girlfriend of Steven Tyler for submitting one that would put Khloe Kardashian to shame. As you can see, from this newly uploaded photo, Preston looks like she is getting ready ‘to be put to work’ in a new photo. You can view it below. Steven Tyler announces new female Aerosmith member.

In other news regarding Aimee-Ann’s husband Steven Tyler and Aerosmith, fans recently took to the Aeroforce fan forum to discuss the possibility of an Aerosmith United States tour. Warmaker said: “I don’t really think so… They’ve been in the US for the last year (fine, mostly LV, but did some of this East Coast run). And after Boston, they will have been in Europe too, so that’s off the list too.”

Aerosmith drummer ‘angry’ Steven Tyler phone calls leaks. The forum member also said: “It seems it would be a good time to go to South America for a while (remember they had to cut it short the last time), then perhaps some Japan/Asia tour with a few shows and then double back to the US. And that is when they might do some final shows there and eventually say goodbye.”

Whereas user Pillis proclaimed: “Why would they bother to tour the States? They are making money out the ass having fans come to them in Vegas. I frankly don’t see any incentive for them to do any kind of US tour.” Steven Tyler ‘kicks out’ Aerosmith icon at bad show.